Sweet Dreams - A Sleep and Home Clothing pioneer

Sweet Dreams is the pioneer of Sleep and Home Clothing in India with its 25 years of existence. 'Home Clothing' generally termed as ‘Ghar Ke Kapade’ in India, we believe this is the ideal term to define our business scope.

Brand Sweet Dreams

The brand name, “Sweet Dreams” enchants the heart and mind, reverberating a fairytale, homely feeling. It reflects and inspires love, care and gentleness. In context to the range of home-wear products that is offered, every reflection of the brand trickles down to ‘HAPPINESS’. Because, home is all about happiness!

Sweet Dreams reflects the LOVE and EMOTIONS that abound in every home Our brand icon 'the Dreamy Cloud' reflects the warmth of a 'home'.

Target Audience

The youth of India, that brims with infectious energy and a revolutionary mindset that aims for change, is Sweet Dreams target audience.

Our communication aims to touch the hearts and minds of young couples, who will marry and live as a nuclear family. Our brand celebrates and shares the lovely experience this couple goes through as they fall in love, date each other, get married, have kids, raise the kids and watch their kids become grown-ups.

We aim to capture every emotional experience these family members go through in their SWEET DREAMS homewear.

Hello! Happiness

Our advertising brand slogan line 'Hello! Happiness' reflects the 'love' and 'happiness' we all share with our friends and family.

Hello! Happiness is a message of “Coming Home to Happiness”. Our homewear, whether Sleep or Relax, all represent and share the happy moments people share at home with their loved ones. Our clothes and organization promise and reflect 'Happiness'.

So, let’s rejoice in this new call, “Hello! Happiness”